November 6, 2008

What are we heading for?

I would first like to register my strong condemn for the arrogant acts happening in srilanka... From the olden days, say 10 A D, its a well known fact that tamilians are also a part of the island. A lot of evidances are found in history to prove this. We people in Tamilnadu have always felt that they are our brothers. But what the hell is happening there is highly unacceptable. The photographs of people being tortured by the lankan soldiers is unbearable. It looks the war is not against the tigers but against the entire tamil community. Its not the fault of the people but of the government. Looks like they have only one agenda, to completely destroy the base of tamilians. And its a real pity that our country is also supporting the cause of this irrarionalist srilankans. We give them arms to shoot at our own brothers..Isnt that a shame? When our Chief Minister took this issue in his hand, I thought he would do his level best to ensure the safety of the tamilians. But.. what has happened to him? The comments that he say everyday are totally contradictory. One day he says that MP's would resign if the government wont take action. Next day, he reverts that it was said to force the central people and not in a serious mode. When a reporter asked can we intervene into another country's politics, he reminds him of Bangladesh. The next day itself he goes on the other side that a country has some limitations to look into other country's political affairs. Do we people look like jokers? The best comedy happened on the day of people demonstrating a human chain to showcase their support. The directors seeman, ammeer participated in the event and our CM was waving hands towars them. In few hours they were arrested. What to say about this? Then comes the turn of this people from film fraternity. What do they think about themselves? Saviours? Its good that they support the cause of tamilians but the reality is that most of these people do not know what the actual problem is.. The directors were arrested for their comments at Rameshwaram. It was fine till then.. The events that took place after this totally changed or robbed the cause. They were hailed as martyrs and when they came out of jail were given a red carpet reception, totally deviating from the issue. The one good thing was the hunger fast staged by the actors. Ya, I do agree that people came to see the stars and not to listen what they said. But some of the actors really registered their exact views. Especially Rajni. He may be a confused man but is a man driven by his emotions. One thing he said was exactly true. You are fighting for thirty years but still could not defeat a group. Then why dont you accept the defeat graciuosly as a man? Apart from that some actors spoke mindlessly.. But they had registered their feelings. One big problem here in Tamilnadu is that Srilankan Tamil issue is handled as a political concept for the local politicians. They are not really caring for the people over there but about how to run the politics here with that issue.But i can insist that we people are not intended in getting anything out of this. we would do the needful to support our brothers over there.Pray to God that finally peace prevails over the island.

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